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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Worldwide Entertainment & Media produces independent films, documentaries, and TV series. We have relationships with award winning producers, directors, writers and actors. We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and companies who share a common vision: to create critically acclaimed work that achieves commercial success.

Worldwide Entertainment & Media continues a legacy of content for television and films established over 30 years. Our Content can be seen domestically and internationally. Please see our company reel below.

Our Team consists of entertainment professionals with many years of experience in financing, directing, producing films and television.  


We also provide commercial production as well as marketing and media buying services.

Our Story

Worldwide Entertainment & Media embodies innovative creativity by standing on the front lines of the entertainment industry where all segments of the American and international population can meet under an umbrella of quality feel-good, thought-provoking entertainment.

With our acquisitions and strategic partnerships, we continue to expand while maintaining a strong fundamental governing philosophy.

Worldwide Entertainment & Media:

  • Develops/ Finances/ Produces projects

  • Manages budgets

  • Assists in obtaining distribution

  • Assists in publicity and advertising

Where you can see some of our content

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